PVDR Forms

Corporate Documents

Articles of Incorporation
IRS Initial Determination Letter
IRS Final Determination Letter
California Nonprofit Exemption
Texas AG Exemption
2018-2019 Board of Trustees

Bylaws, Policies, Plans & Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures & Policies
Corporate Bylaws
Code of Conduct
Whistleblower Policy
Expense Policy
Revision to Teeth SOP
Event Cash Policy
Grievance Policy
First Aid Plan
Anti-Harassment Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy
Succession Plan
Gun Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Revised Disaster Plan
Revised Succession Plan
Vaccine Policy Revised
Special Feed Program
Work Place Violence Policy
Donor Privacy Policy
Employee Compensation Policy
Record Retention and Destruction Policy
Hourly Employee Vacation Policy


Mark's Speaker Resume
Pre-Trip Report
Travel Log
Transport Trip Summary
Travel Expense Form
Calendar Blank
Processing/Transport Forms
Truck Inspection
Grazing Lease Contract
SAC Expense From
Employee New Hire Packet
Vaccine & Worming Schedule
Care & Feeding Guide
Adoption Certificate
Gift Receipt
Medical Sheet
Safety Meeting Form
Daily Inspection Report
Jack Foal Castration Addendum
PVDR Adoption Policy
Adoption Application
Wills & Bequests
Mail In Donation Form
Volunteer Release Form
SAC Monthly Summary
2016 Exec Dir Summary Report
2017 Volunteer/Security Application
Confidentiality Agreement
CDL Map 21
Commonly Used Terms
Purchase Order Request

Purchase Order Request

Employee form to request approval on purchases over $1000

Wild Burro Project

WBP Bumper
WBP full logo CYMK
WBP small logo CYMK
Wild Burro Project Press Release
NPS Agreement
Burro Recon Sticker
Land Lease Agreement

Financial Documents

2018 Operating Budget
2017 Operating Budget
2016 Annual Report
2016 990
2016 Audited Financial Report
2015 990
2015 Audited Financial Report
2014 990
2014 Audited Financial Report
2013 990
2013 Audited Financial Report

Trustee Meeting Minutes

2016 Spring Trustee Meeting Minutes
2016 Fall Trustee Meeting Minutes
2017 Summer Trustee Meeting
2017 Fall Trustee Meeting


Donkey Basketball
Donkey Roping
Chinese Donkey Hide Trade

Fun Stuff

Super Jack Coloring Book


PDF files for printing. They are in CYMK color format.

PVDR Full Logo
Orange Cruciform With Donkey
Peace Love & Donkey Rescue Bumper Sticker
PVDR Logo with Satellite Adoption Center
PVDR Hat Art
PayPal Adoption Fee Button

Press Releases

GFAS Press Release


JPEG files for use on the Internet.

Monthly Facility Summary

Please submit this form no later than the last day of each month.